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Crafting the Torc

The Torc of the Druid Shaman The ivory torc is the ornament of office for the Druid Shaman in The Celtic Prophecy series. It is the tether between the Shaman and his totem animals in Tir-Na-Nog. Assuming office, a new... Continue Reading →

Fate’s Hand Preview

Prologue The Oracle, the most revered and feared of the Vates, cocked her head, her milky white eye rounding on the dying man. She dropped to a predatory crouch, the ragged shawl resettling around her shoulders like ruffled feathers, its... Continue Reading →

Reliquary’s Choice Preview

Prologue The wicked edge of the curved blade glinted in the meager light shed by the candles. Cormac hardened himself against the revulsion and fear of the Oracle’s feather-light touch. The popping of stitches, a sharp burrup, rent the air.... Continue Reading →

Oracle’s Curse Preview

Prologue Death had come for her in its beauteous magnificence. Time slowed. Not in the usual self-contemplating way, though that was true enough; it slowed from Finvarra’s working. The Oracle raised her eyes and saw a bird suspended motionless in... Continue Reading →

Characters & Scenes Based on Real People & Places

A vivid memory I have is of a time when I was twelve years old and I had just finished a creative writing homework assignment for Mrs. Abello, my English teacher, at the kitchen table when my father walked in... Continue Reading →

Character Profile of Alexander Sinclair

Alexander Sinclair was a likely candidate for Druid Shaman from birth, having the blessing of being the son of Nimue, the moon goddess. Standing at 6’4, he was well-muscled from a combination of strenuous physical labor and weapons training with... Continue Reading →

How do you think your life experiences have prepared you for writing?

I started journal writing before high school as a cathartic exercise. I used it as a way to deal with my feelings about my physical handicap, partial paralysis from a stroke when I was four years old, and the reactions... Continue Reading →

What inspired you to write this book?

The world of Fate’s Hand: Book One of The Celtic Prophecy introduced a world where magic exists for those willing to see. Reliquary’s Choice, the second book in the series delves deeper into this world where magic is real for... Continue Reading →

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