Alexander Sinclair was a likely candidate for Druid Shaman from birth, having the blessing of being the son of Nimue, the moon goddess. Standing at 6’4, he was well-muscled from a combination of strenuous physical labor and weapons training with his half-brothers. He was raised by Robert Sinclair, his chieftain father, who allowed him to become an initiate of ancient Druidic custom. Alex ascended the ranks from initiate to novice insatiably learning Druid history and rituals. He rose further to Master Bard, the highest of that caste aside from Shaman; but he was also a warrior, and very few showed affinities for more than one line of devotion. He was blessed, and thereby favored and…spoiled.

When the Coven formed, Alex was asked, as all others of the warrior caste, to uphold the balance until the priestess was found. He readily assented and the vows were taken in Tir-Na-Nog with the gods in attendance. Strong-willed and impertinent, he overstepped and touched Caer Ibormeith, the goddess of prophecy. He knew his mistake immediately when she turned, her blue eyes clouding over with the vision.

I ha’ erstwhile seen ye Shaman made,
By yer ill-advised actions many years will fade.
Hunted and hounded, separated from wha’ ye hold most dear,
Joined in th’ eternal Hunt ye shall find fear.

Set free only at th’ Hunter’s caprices,
Compelled ta seek th’ lost one.
Hunting throughout every nation,
Will wha’ ye find be yer destruction or salvation?

In the next hour, he took the place of the previous Shaman and was gifted with the ivory torc, the ornament of office for the Druid Shaman. It is the shackle that tethers Alexander Sinclair to this world and that of the Tuatha Dé Danann. The carved likenesses of wolf, hawk, leopard, and bear are representations of his totem beasts; each called upon in turn for their tracking, eyesight, stealth, and attack power. Though not limited to these four, shifting is easier if there is a focus.

Alex lost his idealism and his faith after centuries of searching having nothing but a vague reference from ancient prophecy and the cruel insistence of the god Cernunnos pressing him into servitude. Who the priestess was and when she was still a mystery. The god’s impatience grew thin and Alex was punished. His soul was ripped from him and he was cast into the Wild Hunt to serve as new prey.

The Wild Hunt, a parody of the balance he was sworn to protect, the hunter and the hunted paradigm, is eternal. Six hundred years after cementing his own fate, he stands more monster than man, gifted by those same gods to make a more challenging pursuit. Manifested by scarlet and indigo sigils across his chest, abdomen, and arms, with each resurrection, a new ability and matching sigil is added.

Despising his own imprisonment, Alex swore he would never take anyone’s freedom; however, the Coven has been polluted by greed. Now that the priestess has been found, he is duty bound to set her on a path of no return. He must convince her that she is the prophesied Druid high priestess and teach her to use her powers in time to defend against the Coven. Her own safety depends on it, but in order to do that she must say goodbye to her family forever to traverse time. She is the only one who can fulfill the ancient prophecy.