Celtic Prophecy Series At-a-Glance

oracles curse book cover

Oracle’s Curse: Book 3 of The Celtic Prophecy

Brenawyn has made impossible promises. She has agreed to become the Druid high priestess, she has agreed to restore the balance between worlds, she has promised to save Alexander from a century’s old curse, and to top it all off,… Continue Reading →

Reliquary's Choice book cover

Reliquary’s Choice: Book Two of the Celtic Prophecy

Brenawyn is tortured by fragmented memories; she cannot trust her own mind. With the last of the bindings unreachable and the Coven closing in, what choice does Alex have but to take her to Tir-Na-Nog to have the false remnants… Continue Reading →

Fat'es Hand Book Cover

Fate’s Hand: Book One of The Celtic Prophecy

Omnipotence is unattainable, until cosmic and human interference make it possible for man to seize the power of the gods. The Coven, a group of Druid leaders initially tasked with protecting the balance, has been polluted by greed. Their leader,… Continue Reading →