Melissa Macfie

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Fate’s Hand Preview

Prologue The Oracle, the most revered and feared of the Vates, cocked her head, her milky white eye rounding on the dying man. She dropped to a predatory crouch, the ragged shawl resettling around her shoulders like ruffled feathers, its... Continue Reading →

Reliquary’s Choice Preview

Prologue The wicked edge of the curved blade glinted in the meager light shed by the candles. Cormac hardened himself against the revulsion and fear of the Oracle’s feather-light touch. The popping of stitches, a sharp burrup, rent the air.... Continue Reading →

Oracle’s Curse Preview

Prologue Death had come for her in its beauteous magnificence. Time slowed. Not in the usual self-contemplating way, though that was true enough; it slowed from Finvarra’s working. The Oracle raised her eyes and saw a bird suspended motionless in... Continue Reading →

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