Omnipotence is unattainable, until cosmic and human interference make it possible for man to seize the power of the gods. The Coven, a group of Druid leaders initially tasked with protecting the balance, has been polluted by greed. Their leader, Cormac McBrehon covertly machinates to steal the abilities of the next high priestess if only he could find her.

Alex Sinclair is weary after 600 years of searching for a ghost, a legend, for that is who she must be. Having nothing but a vague reference from ancient prophecy and the cruel insistence of the god Cerunnos pressing him into servitude, he has combed the centuries for the lost soul of the next high priestess of the Druids.

Brenawyn McAllister quits the job she loves, determined to start again, away from the physical reminders of her husband’s fatal accident; but from the onset of her move, she is accosted and pursued, identified through obscure visions as a potential, but she knows nothing of magic. A devote Catholic, Brenawyn questions her faith when too many events, irreconcilable with her own beliefs, refuse to be ignored. Will Alex convince Brenawyn that she is the prophesied Druid high priestess and teach her to use her powers in time to defend against the Coven?

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